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Our projects

Alarm Clocks for iOS

  • First smart alarm clock for iOS.
  • We have a huge experience with alarm clock systems for iOS.
  • Constantly improved during the last 4 years (>4500 human-hours).
  • WORK even when built-in alarm doesn't!

EasyWakeup - Super Smart Bio-Alarm Clock

  • A natural awakening based on your movements and sleep cycles.
  • Unique an autocalibration system – works even on tempurpedic mattresses.
  • Featured by Men's Health magazine as The best morning app for iOS.

Best Alarm Clock for iOS

  • Based on EasyWakeup code, therefore it has same positive qualities.
  • Simplified for people, who can wake up by himself, although don't mind to use all advantages our alarm clock systems.

EasyWakeup for You

  • The most reliable. Based on EasyWakeup code, therefore it has same positive qualities.
  • The simplest.
  • The cheapest.

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AIM Coach

  • Artificial Intelligence Mental Coach - your personal mental coach. It will help to upgrade humankind to 2.0 by teaching successful mental health strategies, heal depression, anxiety.